Monday, 14 July, 2008

Accident because of bad driving (lady driver)

I was on my way to work after dropping my wife. I came to a small crossroad (there was lot of glass pieces strewn on the road, because of some previous accident). I was trying to be extra careful and came slightly to the right to avoid those glass pieces. I could see that a car (Gold color- old model santro)was coming from the other side perpendicularly, about to join the same road.
Just as I cleared the glass pieces and was about to get back on normal speed, this santro jammed right into my right-fender.
I was so damn angry, I immediately asked her to stop the car and get down and I was taken by surprise when she declined.
She had stopped the car but was not ready to get down from the car. I mean, I was so damn angry and asked her to just get down so that we can talk.
She was with her mother (or mother in law or someone elderly). Once she got down, I told her to simply pay for my damages to my car. She was like, why should I pay, its not my mistake etc etc.and started blaming me that I was the one who hit her car.
I tried to stay calm and explained to her logically, that if I had hit her it would be her fender which would be damaged and my front right corner(her car's left corner jammed into my right fender). But she refused to listen. By this time, there was a huge crowd of people who wanted to settle the issue (help the lady in distress).
I was pretty clear, I told her to pay for my damages. So she was like No, it was no my mistake and let's go to the police station; I was like, I am OK with going to the police station which is when people there started advising her to not go to a police station and just forget the episode and go away; and that such things happen always in Bangalore.
Seeing the number of people who started to support her, she started accusing me of rash driving and indecent talking. This really pissed me off. And she even started saying that such things are common in bangalore and you should live with it. This really irritated me, I told her that it might be common for you but not for me. I have been driving for ages and have not made such silly mistakes.
Anyways finally after lot of unecessary talk, the elderly lady gave me some money (just Rs 500).I mean, what is Rs 500 going to suffice for a thorough tinkering and painting job.
Just dropped my car for service at Green Tracks. The service advisor there told me that it would cost me Rs 2800 for the tinkering and painting :((.
Is there any other company who would do a good job for a much lesser price ?
Conclusion from today's incident :-
- When a man and a lady meet with an accident, the man is always at fault. :(, No matter what

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