Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

My Palio 1.6 GTX - End of the story :(:(

My palio which came back from the repairs was doing pretty good but by then my dad was forcing me to sell it off, he felt that the going forward I might end up spending some more money on the car in terms of repairs and modifications.

I finally put it up for sale at the various web portals. A few guys had a look at the car, taking it to their mechanics and getting their opinions.

One such person RKN, wanted to have a look at the car, saw it and wanted to buy it however i was not all that happy with the price that he quoted.

I requested sometime from him so that I can decide.

Next day he called me and gave me another revised price, even with this I was not all that happy, however my dad really wanted me to sell it off, hence I agreed to his price.

On monday, he took the car and he is now the new owner of it. I really hope that he takes care of it as much as I tried to do so.

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