Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

Use of High beams in city traffic

I really despise people who use high beam inside the city limits when they are either driving or riding.
What they dont understand is that the person on the opposite side is blinded by the light and cannot see the road at all.
I myself have had quite a few narrow escapes because of the opposite person using the high beam on their vehicles.
One such incident happened when we friends chet, KP,danesh,diggu and myself were returning from a great madikeri trip.It was a wonderful trip and all of us enjoyed it.The journey was also not all that tiring.
We reached Kengeri at about 8ish in the evening. We were inside Kengeri when this Sumo came right in front of us with a bright High beam light. I was so blinded with this light that I almost hit the divider. This happened almost a year ago.
There was another incident that happened almost recently. I was going out with my mom to her friend's place when this Scorpio came in front with a high beam and also Yellow Fog lamps. I was completely blinded. I really did not understand why he need to use a high beam inside a very small well lit road(it was not even a main road) and also why the hell does he need to use Yellow Fog lamps . I was really pissed off with this guy and really wanted to give him a piece of my mind, so I drove literally in front of him and waved my hand indicating him to stop. Below is the conversation that followed :-
NV- sir, yaake neevu high beam use madta idhira city limits nalli ?
He - eega enu aithooo!!!
NV- enu illa Sir, nanige road kanalilla and its very dangerous.
He- Eega enu aithu,m enu agila thane, muchkondu hogu!!
NV- sir, haage enu alla, city nalli high beam use mada baradu antha, govt rule kuda idhe, munde barorige tondare aguthe...
He- idhu nanna gaadi, naanu enu beku adhu madthini, enu nindu...
NV- haalagi hogu magane....

Between the first incident and this most recent one, there have been numerous incidents when people use their high beam in the city and we have issues concentrating on the road.

I request everyone to please advise other people to not use the high beam in the city ; some people would not know about this rule and some other would just not want to follow this rule.
We can atleast change the former.

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