Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

Need for Speed - Most Wanted

Hi All,

This is my first blog... :) and people who know me would vouch that the first thing that comes on my mind is always something related to cars or bikes.... ;)

Hence my first blog is dedicated to "Need For Speed - Most Wanted"

Need for Speed Most Wanted is the game that I am currently playing on my PS2. I kinda was in search for the DVD for quite some time. Finally I got hold of one.

The game is packed with a great career story and not to mention a whole lot of cars ;). There are various play-modes. The one that I am interested in is the Career mode; all you need to do is create a profile for yourself, buy a car and Go race against the blacklist rivals. (Other racers like myself who make it to the top fall under the Blacklist)

This game like all NFS games includes the Cops. The Cops feature has been improved from the last NFS : Hot Pursuit and NFS : Hot Pursuit 2. The cops are no longer simple to dodge nor simple to escape.

The objective of the game is to race a whole lot of people from the blacklist. The objective is to woek your way up the ladder and finally race the main villan. Trust me, its a very addictive game.

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